Maxie in his debut

Maxie is the main boss in Pokemon Ruby and one of the main bosses in Pokemon Emerald. He is a recent addition to the blog, and is known for his rivalry with Archie.

In the GamesEdit

Maxie official artwork

Maxie's official artwork

Maxie is the leader of Team Magma, a villianous team that wishes to take control of Groudon and dry up the seas so that the land would prevail. He is the main boss in Pokemon Ruby, and ally in Pokemon Sapphire, and one of the main bosses in Pokemon Emerald. He has a long standing rivaly with Archie, the leader of Team Aqua. Maxie appeared in two episodes of the anime, being voiced by Marc Thompson.


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Maxie being immature

While evil, Maxie has also been seen as being extremely immature, especially around Archie. Maxie is known for picking fights with basically anyone, although he has a soft spot for his unicorn. Maxie is one of the sims who suspects he may be a sim, realizing this while he rode his unicorn. However, he dismissed this idea at once.

Major Blog EventsEdit

Since his debut, Maxie has mainly been seen butting heads with Archie. His first real event was participating in Eusine's magic show, disapearing briefly. Later, it was revealed how much Maxie enjoys DJing, as he apparently never stops. When Maxie went to the summer festival, he recieved an odd tan, visible in the above picture. Maxie is also notable for riding his unicorn naked, and apparently having a potential romantic interest in it.

Major Fan EventsEdit

Maxie and his unicorn were featured on a fake romance book cover, entitled Passion of the Land and the Sea.


Maxie and Archie


Archie and Maxie, like in the games, are bitter rivals. The two never get along, and are usually fighting with each other. Archie, for example, was very upset when Maxie reappeared after Eusine's magic show, and Maxie has been seen mocking Archie. Archie, however, may have a slight romantic interest in Maxie, as he was thinking about marriage when talking to him one day.

Maxie and his unicorn

His UnicornEdit

Maxie has a glowing, white unicorn with a red mane. He has been known to ride it naked, and he may have a romantic interest in it, as seen when they were swimming once.


Maxie lives with Winona and has argued with her once. Not much else is known.


Maxie also lives with Brawly, however, no interaction between the two has been seen.